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Vidamin traffic management solutions

Overview of Vidamin solutions.

Vidamin intelligent traffic management solutions integrate and orchestrate various traffic identification, control & guidance equipment and enterprise software systems.

  • The solutions provide an organization with real-time, detailed knowledge and control of vehicles entering and exiting a facility or its part.
  • This knowledge is utilized by a solution to give the organization advanced capabilities to act on and benefit from that knowledge effectively and efficiently. 

In effect, the solutions give the organization traffic management superpowers that deliver:

  • true vehicle risk management, ie. improved security and safety within facilities
  • optimized traffic and area utilization & throughput
  • reduced manual labor through automated vehicle control and logistics processes
  • reduced shrinkage and losses

The solutions can be applied in numerous industries to manage traffic at many kinds of facilities, such as:

  • Car parks, parking lots and facilities
  • Transport and logistics hubs
  • Central stockyards or warehouses
  • Industrial areas and large factories or other industrial plants
  • Infrastructure construction sites
  • Materials recycling stations
  • Bus and cab terminals
  • Gasoline stations

Interested? Contact us and we'll deliver your traffic management super powers!